Even Worse Minton Application

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Even Worse Minton Application is a work in progress. if you feel that you may help.

A note on accessibility

This site is not designed with accessibility in mind. It is meant to organize badminton matches between people who have enough eyesight and body mobility to be able to play badminton.


If you feel like contributing, contact me at step...@gmail.com
Or you can go to one of the following places:


If you need tools for .NET development, please take a look at all these, I can no longer live without:

  • Codeplex: source code management and issue tracking
  • AppHarbor: free application hosting
  • Xamarin: C# and .NET development tools for iPhone and Android. No-nonsense libraries and frameworks, no XML, no XCode...
  • Service Stack: the simplest Web Service framework ever. What ??? You can develop a web service without struggling with illegible XML deployment manifests ? Without half-witted wizards that fail you more often than not ? Yes, you can. See it in action Here.
  • Reimers Google Maps .NET Control
  • CloudMailIn is an infrastructure to receive e-mail and trigger a web page access